I’ll be posting various resources that I’ve found in my handling of Celia’s care.  Here’s where you can really weigh in.  Please post suggestions in the comments section and I’ll kep updating the list.  If your information is state or city specific, let me know where to point people.  As the section grows, I’ll add more tabs to keep info sorted logically. Thanks.

Government Agencies

Is your dad or mother a war veteran? Did you know that there may be aid available to your parents?  Get details here:


Danielle Joseph @LTCExpert
Blog: About Insurance For You , Albuquerque, NM

Nursing Homes & Senior Facilities


Money Management

Legal Rights

2 Responses to Resources

  1. I recently lost my beloved Dad to bone cancer and now I am coping with an aging Mother. I was recommended this book and I found it helpful: Survive Your Aging Parents: So You and They Can Enjoy Life by Bernard H. Shulman (Author), M.D.,

  2. Great suggestion Margot. Sorry about your loss. I am going to add a recommended reading section! I think it will be helpful.

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